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Women's & Gender Studies Establishes New Honor Society

May 15, 2015

Women’s and Gender Studies formed a new honor society: Iota, Iota, Iota (Triota).  Membership is open to majors, minors, and any student who has shown interest in WGS by:

  • Completing 8 units of WGS courses
  • Completing 20 hours of service, work or training/education related to WGS
  • Pursuing/planning to pursue research via senior project or master’s project promoting understanding of genders and sexualities
  • All members must have and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

For more information, contact the society at 

Scholarship Opportunities

Apr 1, 2015

The Women’s & Gender Studies Department is pleased to announce the following ELEVEN scholarship opportunities for students at Cal Poly:

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Demonstrators Express Solidarity for Sexual Assault Survivors

Nov 8, 2014

The demonstration, which was organized by the women’s and gender studies department, ended on Dexter Lawn.

“We wanted a way as a broad women’s and gender studies community to demonstrate that we are in solidarity with the survivors of sexual assault,” women’s and gender studies department chair Jane Lehr said. “We are in solidarity with the first responders on this campus, who do such hard and complicated and important work. And we want to be partners in changing the culture of Cal Poly to one that is violence-free.”

Professor Jane Lehr Brings Interdisciplinarity to Cal Poly

Oct 15, 2014

Jane Lehr is a jack of all trades. From her various degrees of education in diverse areas of study to the many job titles she holds at Cal Poly, the women and gender studies department chair is busy impacting the university.

Coleen Carrigan: There’s a Long Way to go to Close Tech Gender Gap

Oct 11, 2014

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week that women needn’t ask for raises but should trust in the system to get the pay they deserved, a firestorm of reaction ignited around the issues of unequal pay for men and women and the gender gap in the technology industry.

Cal Poly Names Susan Currier Visiting Professor for Teaching Excellence

Sep 15, 2014

Cal Poly has selected Jody Lisberger from the University of Rhode Island (URI) as the 2013 Susan Currier Visiting Professorship for Teaching Excellence.

Visiting Professor to Discuss ‘Challenging the Myth of Disposable Women’ Feb. 12

Feb 12, 2014

Visiting Cal Poly Professor Jody Lisberger will deliver a presentation titled “Teaching to Disrupt Gender: Challenging the Myth of Disposable Women” at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, in Philips Hall in the Performing Arts Center on campus. 


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