WGS Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Many faculty and staff from both Cal Poly and Cuesta College are interested in gender related issues and feminist pedagogy. The Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Cal Poly is proud to consider these colleagues as affiliated WGS faculty and staff. Some of our affiliated faculty teach for WGS from time to time, while others serve as sources of support, insight, and resources for our students and WGS core faculty. Please find below an alphabetic list of WGS affiliated faculty and staff.


Elizabeth Adan, Art & Design
Office Ext.: 6-1564 Building 34-143

Ryan Alaniz, Sociology
Offie Ext.: 6-6261 Building 47-12D

Zahra Alghoul, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Office Ext. 6-2678 Building 25-119

Regulus Allen, English 
Office Ext. 6-1436 Building 47-35RE

Teresa Allen, Journalism
Office Ext. 6-2682 Building 26-226A

Sema Alptekin, Indust. & Man. Eng.
Office Ext. 6-7029 Building 35-510

Rocio Alvear, Comm. Studies 
Office Ext. 6-2554 Building 47-33

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Vardha Bennert, Physics
Office Ext.: 6-7317 Building 25-200

Penny Bennett, Graphic Communications
Office Ext. 6-2408 Building 26-208

Brent Bodemer, Humanities and SOCS Librarian
Office Ext. 6-2203 Building 35-216D

Shawn Burn, Psych.& Child Develop.
Office Ext. 6-2934 Building 47-23C

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Kathleen Cairns, History
Office Ext. 6-2543, Building 47-27

Lewis Call, History 
Office Ext. 6-2672 Building 47-27D

Renada Campbell, MultiCultural Center
Office Ext. 6-5840 Building 65-217

Kathy Chen, Materials Engineering Chair
Office Ext. 6-6634 Building 41-229

Sarah Clark, Student Academic Services/EOP
Office Ext. 6-7661 Building 35-112

Sandi Clement, Biology
Office Ext. 6-2154 Building 33-269

W. David Conn, City & Regional Planning
Office Ext. 6-5474 Building 186-A314

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Hemalata Dandekar, CRP Dept. Head
Office Ext. 6-1315 Building 21-128

Lisa DeFraga, Cuesta College Soc Sci 
Office 546-3100 X2674

Ahmed Deif, Industrial Technology
Office Ext. 6-1213 Building 3-334

Elizabeth Demsetz, Physics 
Office Ext. 6-7334 Building 52-D37

Ron Den Otter, Political Science 
Office Ext. 6-6147 Building 47-11R

Dianne DeTurris, Aerospace Engineering
Office Ext. 6-1515 Building 13-267

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Erin Echols, PRIDE Center, Director 
Ext. 6-7153, Building 65, 217

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Kevin Fagan, Modern Lang. & Lit. 
Office Ext. 6-2750 Building 47-26B

Rachel Fernflores, Philosophy 
Office Ext. 6-2330 Building 47-34R

Pat Fidopiastis, Biological Science 
Office Ext. 6-2883, Building 33-374

Giancarlo Fiorenza, Art & Design 
Office Ext. 6-5066 Building 34-164

Helene Finger, P.E.Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.
Director, Women's Engineering Program
Office Ext.6-2350 Building 13-216 

Christina Firpo, History 
Office Ext. 6-2834 Building 47-27A

Suzanne Fritz, University Housing - RL&E
Office Ext. 6-5690 Building

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Lauren Garner, Hort.& Crop Science 
Office Ext. 6-2479 Building 11-223

Julie Garcia, Psych.& Child Develop.
Office Ext. 6-1603 Building 47-21R

Gender Equity Center
Office Ext. 6-2600 Building 65-217

David Gillette, English
Office Ext. 6-2331 Building 47-34H

Sonja Glassmeyer, Kinesiology

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Kenneth S. Habib, Music 
Office Ext. 6-2741 Building 45-218C

Linda Halisky, College of Liberal Arts Dean 
Office Ext. 6-2596 Building 47-31

Laura Hall, CAFES
Office Ext. 6-2958, Building 11-253

Ryan Hatch, English
Office Ext. 6-2238, Building 47-26R

Joy Harkins, Student Life & Lead 
Office Ext. 6-6749 Building 65-217

Brenda Helmbrecht, English 
Office Ext. 6-2178 Building 47-35F

David Hennessee, English
Office Ext. 6-6136 Building 47-22H

Karter Hirschke, ITS 
Office Ext. 6-7674 Building 12-102

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Denise Isom, Ethnic Studies Chair 
Office Ext. 6-1467 Building 38-111

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Nicole Jacobs-Stegner, English/WGS
Office Ext. 6-1622 Building 38-214

Jennifer Jipson, Psych. & Child Dev. 
Office Ext. 6-2611 Building 47-21B

Cameron Jones, History
Office Ext. 6-2543 Building 47-25M

Jasna Jovanovic, Psych. & Child Dev.
Office Ext. 6-2854 Building 47-21N

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Christina Kaviani, Safer Coordinator
Office Ext. 6-2282 Building 65-217

Doug Keesey, English 
Office Ext. 6-5067 Building 47-26D

Brian Kennelly, Modern Lang. & Lit. 
Office Ext. 6-2889 Building 47-28

Alisa Kilinger, Cuesta - English 
546-3100 X2815

Carley Kopecky, Physics 
Office Ext. 6-5360 Building 52-E39

Devin Kuhn-Choi, RELS/Women's and Gender Studies
Office Ext. 6-2811 Building 47-34P

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Carrie Langner, Psych. & Child Dev.
Office Ext. 6-5705 Building 47, 23D

Mike Latner, Political Science
Office Ext. 6-2978 Building 47, 11L

Jane Lehr, Ethnic Studies/Women's and Gender Studies Chair
Office Ext. 6-6442 Building 38, 140

Morgan Leckie, English

Albert Liddicoat, Asst. VP of Academic Personnel 
Office Ext. 6-5217 Building 01-311

Patrick Lin, Philosophy
Office Ext. 6-7043 Building 92T-114

Enrica Lovaglio, Art & Design 
Office Ext. 6-2446 Building 34-163

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Paul Marchbanks, English 
Office Ext. 6-2159 Building 47-35A

Alyson McLamore, Music
Office Ext. 6-2612 Building 45-132

Elizabeth Meyer, College of Education
Office Ext. 6-2126 Building 02-120

Chelsea Milbourne, English
Office Ext. 6-2294 Builfinh 47-35M

Jane Morgan, Cuesta Social Science
546-3100 X2677

Kate Murphy, History 
Office Ext. 6-2839 Building 47-27G

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Andrea Nash, Psychology Department
Office Ext. 6-2456 Building 47-24D

Jenell Navarro, Ethnic Studies
Office Ext. 6-1467 Building 38-111

Jose Navarro, English
Office Ext. 6-2411 Building 47-25E

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Camille O'Bryant, Kinesiology Department Chair
Office Ext. 6-1787 Building 43A-453

John Oriji, History 
Office Ext.: 6-1599 Building 47-27F

Rebekah Oulton, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Office Ext. 6-1367 Building 13-266

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Saikat Pal, Biomedical & General Engineering
Office Ext. 6-6400 Building 13-260

Robin Parent
Office Ext. 6-7635 Building 35-209B

Roseann Parks, Library
Office Ext. 6-7367 Building 117-101

Jennifer Pedrotti, Psych. & Child
Office Ext. 6-2644 Building 47-21C

Jean Peterson, Wine & Viticulture
Office Ext. 6-2270 Building 11-218

Zachary Peterson, Computer Science
Office Ext. 6-2088 Building 14-217

Suzanne Phelan, Kinesiology 
Office Ext. 6-2087 Building 43A-456

Gail Potter, Statistics
Office Ext. 6-2946 Building 25-109

Diana Puntar, Art & Design
Office Ext. 6-2970 Building 34-126

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Eivis Qenani-Petrela, Agribusiness
Office Ext. 6-5035 Building 22-301

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Elaine Ramos Doyle, Grants Development
Office Ext. 6-1740 Building 38-152

Jere Ramsey, College of Business
Office Ext. 6-1213 Building 03-327

Michelle Ritter-Taylor, Kinesiology
Office Ext. 6-5366, Building 43A-354

Xiaoying Rong, Graphic Comm. 
Office Ext. 6-2027 Building 26-209A

Johanna Rubba, English
Office Ext. 6-2184 Building 47-35B

Stacey Rucas, Social Science 
Office Ext. 6-1374 Building 47-12B

Kathryn Rummell, English Chair 
Office Ext. 6-2142 Building 47-32A

Craig Russell, Music
Office Ext. 6-1547 Building 45-121

Steven Ruszczycky, English
Office Ext. 6-5850 Building 20-133F

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Judy Saltzman-Saveker, Emeritus

Fernando Sanchez, Modern Languages & Literatures
Office Ext. 6-2094 Building 47-26A

Nisa Satumtira, Chemisty & Biochemisty
Office Ext. 6-2521 Building 52-E42

Robert Schaeffer, Social Sciences
Office Ext. 6-1720 Building 1720

Keri Schwab, Recreation, Parks & Tourism
Office Ext. 6-5113 Building 11-250

Debora Schwartz, English
Office Ext. 6-2636 Building 47-35G

Christine Shea, Comm. Studies 
Office Ext. 6-2909 Building 47-36F

Heather A. Whitcomb Starnes, Kinesiology
Office Ext. 6-2541 Building 43A-366

Nilgun Sungar, Physics Chair 
Office Ext.: 6-2447 Building 52-D39

Lisa Sweatt, Psychology & Child Development
Office Ext. 6-6123 Building 47-21A

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Jeremy Teitelbaum, Comm. Studies 
Office Ext. 6-2869 Building 47-36Q

James Tejani, History
Office Ext. 6-2543 Building 47-27

Lars Tomanek, Biological Science 
Office Ext. 6-2437 Building 33-372

Thomas Trice, History
Office Ext. 6-2724 Building 47-25P

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Ignatious Vakalis, Computer Science 
Office Ext. 6-6285 Building 14-254

Katie VanMeter, CLA Public Affaris & Communications
Office Ext. 6-1216 Building 47-22G

Victor Valle, Ethnic Studies
Office Ext. 6-1707 Building 38-133B

Patricia Van Belleghem, IP& 
Office Ext. 6-7359 Building 52T-102

Gloria Velasquez, Modern Language & Literatures
Office Ext. 6-2992 Building 47-26D

Tammie Velasquez, Coordinator, Gender Equity Center, Cross Cultural Center
Office Ext. 6-2600 Building 65-217

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Catherine Waitinas, English 
Office Ext. 6-2136 Building 47-35E

Ryan Walter, Phsyics
Office Ext. 6-1357 Building 180-509

Kristi Weddige , College of Science 
Office Ext. 6-2615 Building 53-219

Jean Wetzel, Art & Design
Office Ext. 6-1272 Building 34-146

Mary Whiteford, Academic Programs
Office Ext. 5475 Building 01-316A

Jean Williams, Political Science Chair
Office Ext. 6-2960 Building 47-11B

Zoe Wood, Computer Science
Office Ext. 6-5540 Building 14-209

Paige Wopschall, Women's & Gender Studies
Office Ext. 6-1525 Building 47-25H

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Grace Yeh, Ethnic Studies 
Office Ext. 6-6229 Building 38-110

Helen Yu, Electrical Engineering 
Office Ext. 6-2441 Building 20-311

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Ning Zhang, Political Science 
Office Ext. 6-2887 Building 47-11P


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