Professor Jane Lehr Brings Interdisciplinarity to Cal Poly

Jane Lehr is a jack of all trades. From her various degrees of education in diverse areas of study to the many job titles she holds at Cal Poly, the women and gender studies department chair is busy impacting the university.

Lehr came to Cal Poly eight years ago, complete with a Ph.D. and master’s degree in science and technology studies from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in hand. Her concentrations include social, cultural and political studies of science and technology and women’s studies.

It would take many paragraphs to thoroughly describe all of Lehr’s roles on campus, but in addition to being department chair, she is an ethnic studies associate professor, a faculty director of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority and Underrepresented Student Participation(LSAMP) program and involved in the proposed launching of three new and one revised interdisciplinary minors in the liberal arts program....

“For me, what it means to be an activist is about organizing, bringing people together to have discussions and dialogues around issues that are controversial or issues that need attention,” Lehr said.

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