Demonstrators Express Solidarity for Sexual Assault Survivors

The demonstration, which was organized by the women’s and gender studies department, ended on Dexter Lawn.

“We wanted a way as a broad women’s and gender studies community to demonstrate that we are in solidarity with the survivors of sexual assault,” women’s and gender studies department chair Jane Lehr said. “We are in solidarity with the first responders on this campus, who do such hard and complicated and important work. And we want to be partners in changing the culture of Cal Poly to one that is violence-free.”

The demonstration was organized quickly after women’s and gender studies faculty decided Thursday afternoon they should organize a response sooner rather than later. Lehr sent out an email around 8 p.m. on Thursday, and approximately 100 people showed up to the demonstration, she said. She was pleased with the turnout.

“Most of Cal Poly — almost all of Cal Poly — is against sexual assault and wants to have a violence-free campus,” Lehr said. “I think we can achieve that, and this has filled me with so much hope and inspiration, I’m so excited about what happened today.”

Students expressed a desire to show support, and some were motivated by personal experiences.

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